Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Welcome to News Bharati.
We designed and developed this news portal for publishing nationalistic events. Unfortunately there aren’t many portals with such a cause. We sincerely hope and are committed to fill the gap in cyber world. We are confident that we will come up to the expectations of our users and supporters. 
We will be broadcasting national and international events as and when they happen to keep our user base updated. We are committed to display the coverage unbiased. Positive and nationalist vision will be another unique feature of our web site.
Along with the events, we will be broadcasting work of millions of individuals and organizations who are working “face-lessly” to serve the nation. These organizations and individuals are mostly away from the “media publicity”; at times working in remote areas with no facilities or very little facility to provide help to underprivileged.  We acknowledge our obligation to highlight their seva work and commitment shown for such a worthy and divine cause.
We encourage people to actively participate on our web site and add their views on our portal.  Let’s build a community of “Like Minded People” to bring glory to our country. 
Least but not last; help us building the community by following us and registering on our portal .